Sell a lifestyle before Selling Products

Sell a lifestyle before selling products.
This is the basic philosophy here at the Andersen Group; our wish is to not only deliver quality bread, but to also contribute toward good eating habits for our customers.

"Andersen Hiroshima" is the embodiment of this philosophy, with everything one needs for a bread-eating lifestyle gathered in one space. There is wine, cheese, side dishes, and flowers. There is a restaurant specializing in bread, a culture school and even a party room, all to offer a "wonderful lifestyle with bread".

Another core philosophy of the Andersen Group is to "Live Healthily". The Group takes eating and health seriously, and has been leading a campaign to exhort eating breakfast since 1972, years before "food education" was a known concept. The Andersen Group introduced a variety of breads such as whole grain and rye, which were almost unknown at that time, and held lectures and cooking classes to communicate the importance of eating a proper breakfast.

Products such as the Sukoyaka (wholesome) series that use no egg or dairy products, and the Raku-raku (easy) bread for people with difficulty chewing were both borne from our wish for all customers to have a healthy wholesome life.

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