Danish Pastries

It was the year 1959 when founder Shunsuke Takaki visited Denmark and had his first encounter with Danish pastries at a hotel, which completely enthralled him. He did everything possible in order to recreate this authentic taste in Japan, by inviting specialists from Denmark and sending out Japanese experts to Denmark. After three years of trial and error, Japan's first ever Danish pastry was born.

Frozen bread dough methods were born, creating a new market for bread in order to have as many customers as possible experience these authentic Danish pastries.

The shop "Andersen", born in 1967, takes its name from the famous Danish fairy-tale author H.C. Andersen. The name carries our wishes to deliver happiness to people through bread and the Danish pastry, just as Andersen's fairy tales bring hopes and dreams to readers all over the world. This wish is an Andersen tradition, and is carried on to the present.

Ties and history with Denmark