Denmark is a country only slightly larger than Japan's Kyushu region, and is not blessed with natural resources. The country sees its own citizens as its greatest resource, and has "every citizen independent, using his/her talents and skills for society" as its educational philosophy.

The " Shunsuke Takaki Baking School" established in 2004 within the "ANDERSEN GEIHOKU 100-year farm" located in north Hiroshima, follows Denmark's lead. Here, staff members are able to experience the philosophy of Andersen's bread-making ("From Soil to Table"), by cultivating the land without using bulldozers, growing wheat, grinding flour, kneading dough and baking bread in stone ovens, thus learning the techniques and soul of a true baker.

Furthermore, to train our bakers to be top-class bakers, young bakers go overseas to Denmark every year and learn authentic techniques and about bread culture. For the 60th anniversary of Andersen in 2008, over 1,000 staff members participated in study tour to Denmark to learn Danish lifestyle. These experiences have become great assets for the company.

Ties and history with Denmark