Andersen Institute of Bread & Life Co., Ltd.

Andersen Institute of Bread & Life Co.,Ltd.

As a holding company, the Andersen Institute of Bread & Life consolidates the business strategies
and policies of the entire Andersen Group as a whole in going forward into the future.
Giving due consideration to business activities that reflect lifestyle research and customers'
perspectives and the like, the Andersen Institute of Bread & Life develops long-term strategic plans
for the creation of future markets and new customer bases as well as engaging in the quality control
of merchandise and information for the Andersen Group as a whole.

Corporate Profile

■Head Office
2-19 Tsurumi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
August 1, 1948
80 million Yen
57 (As of April 1, 2019)
Chairman Haruki Hayashi
Jiro Numata
Senior Managing Director Shinya Isobe
Managing Director Masayuki Furukawa
Director Kazuhiko Minami
Director Nobuaki Okada
Director Kunihisa Ishii
Director Kazuhisa Sakamoto
Outside Director Kouki Inai
Auditor Kiyofumi Segawa
Auditor(Part-time) Yasutoshi Takei
Operating Officer Masaru Okamura
Operating Officer Toshiaki Horio
Operatiing Officer Masayo Miyama
Operatiing Officer Takanori Teshima
Operatiing Officer Hideki Kiyokawa
Operatiing Officer Yoshimasa Morimoto
Executive Officer Kaoru Nakasue
Executive Officer Tomoko Teshima
Executive Officer Kazuyuki Sadamori
Executive Officer Hitoshi Fukui


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