Challenging the unknown

In the beginning, the Andersen Group was founded by all amateurs.
The fact that we were amateurs enabled us to look past old practices and take on new challenges, always standing in the customer's shoes.

In 1967, "Andersen", a new type of bakery/restaurant complex was born in the main street of Hiroshima, using a building that was formerly a bank and was victim to the atomic bomb during the war. The self-service bakery system we know so well today was born in this very shop.

It was in 1972 when the frozen bread dough was developed and patented, in hopes of delivering the wonderful Danish pastry to customers all over Japan. The "Little Mermaid" bakery chain, which used the bake-off system, also made its debut.

In the year 2005, our endeavors for genuine European bread lead to installing stone ovens (thermal oil oven) in the wholesale factory, enabling us to deliver authentic and appetizing bread to many customers.

Each challenge, each small step has made the Andersen Group as it is today.


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