Addressing Food Safety and Security

Food safety and security is the first basic priority we have as a manufacturer of food products. The Andersen Group applies various types of activities to provide only the safest and secure products to our customers.

AIB Audits
All shops belonging to Andersen, Mermaid Bakery Partners and Takaki Bakery factories participate in the food safety program developed by the AIB (American Institute of Baking). The program checks for causes of contamination by foreign objects and microorganisms in every step of baking, from the raw ingredients to product shipping, preventing any type of safety hazard.


In order to deliver safe and secure products, the five main factories of Takaki Bakery have acquired Certificate of "FSSC22000", the international standard of food safety management system.
AQS System
We have unified product management and quality control information, using our unique system, the "AQS (Andersen Group Quality System)". This system guarantees the quality of the ingredients and products and is also completely traceable.
ABC Activities
To enhance staff member awareness with everyday actions, ABC activities (A= "Atarimae no koto (doing the ordinary and proper)", B= "Bikkuri suru hodo (in a manner that surprises everyone)", C= "Chanto yaru (and doing it well)") have been perpetuated within the corporation, in our efforts for a healthy corporate spirit.

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