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  • The Andersen Group is a corporation in which its employees attach great importance to its corporate philosophy.

    We do not simply engage in the mere recitation of “cherished ideas.” We always consider the ways and means we can bring the corporate philosophy to fruition.

    There are several key concepts in our corporate philosophy that are symbolic of our “values and principles.” Among the principles that we wish to continually adhere to and perpetuate are the following: “the improvement of our customers’ culinary culture,” “the promotion of a creative approach to work that adheres more to progress than to a reliance upon expertise,” “the establishment of, and expansion into, new markets,” and “the education and development of our employees in terms of both their professionalism and their personal wellbeing.”

    Our goal is to become the world’s number one quality bakery. The aim is not an expansion in quantity, but the improvement of the quality of our company, our personnel and our products. Thus it is our aspiration to continue making steady progress towards this end

    Andersen Institute of Bread & Life Co., Ltd. Chairman

    Haruki Hayashi

  • In corporate business operations and activities, there are certain “things that must not be changed” and “things that must be changed.”

    Among the “things that must not be changed” in the Andersen Group is carrying out activities in line with our “corporate philosophy” that was conceived by our founder Shunsuke Takaki based upon his ideas, thoughts, and practices within his day-to-day business operations and activities.

    On the contrary, the “things that must be changed,” is the manner in which we carry out day-to-day operations. In order to continue taking on the challenges we face as a company, each and every employee must improve his or her character, integrity and capabilities.

    In addition to the problems of a declining birthrate and an aging society that afflict Japan, we are experiencing substantial social changes due to the spread of novel coronavirus infections, including changes to individual life styles, ways of working and world view perspectives. I, however, believe it is becoming more and more important to regard the more essential values of our lives, such as the importance of family, at-home dining and culinary culture, etc.

    In responding to the drastically changing societal milieu of the times, we will continue to embrace the challenges necessary to realize the founding spirit of our company by “bringing joy and happiness to the tables of our customers.” Moreover, we remain committed to being a trusted high quality bakery that offers safe and healthy food and culinary suggestions that fulfill and enrich the lives of our customers.

    Andersen Institute of Bread & Life Co., Ltd. President

    Jiro Numata

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